[] The Legal Thoughts []

English Ray

Here are the some legal thoughts


to stay ever and after

When I lost my love some thing tightening my soul like a big chine surrounding my arms;

At the quite fear of nights and after the sun

inter the heart of the sky;

Novels blows into my chest, vespers of loving worm hearts

surrounding my thoughts;

The sun hides into it' shelter and stripes

the red words to the listeners

Started grasping the softy links, and look at the red shining lights

began gassing into the lights and could not see a thing, accept the weakness of my sight;

Months ago, it was the worm spot in my  winter,

and the shade in my summer,

looked to the sky and my tears climb my checks and words smothered into my throat ......!!!

I realized the dame glance at me

and say;

Sale in love,  sale in the universe of the blue waves

ride the waves and live a day to love and be liven;

My soul sales in the seas of souls and shares the smells,

And the beauty of the pure blue lotus smells;

There Is always love for the sweet soul,

wishes of the bright new way of molting in love and love of

clear characteristics

of the real human's





Sun of  Sa)

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