[] Life's Wisdom []

English Ray

In life I know things that are with value treated safely

It made me keep expensive things in treasurer

Deal with them with cautious

Life had taught me to be the strongest when I'm week

And the weakest when I'm strong

Life had taught me to give every thing

Life also taught me every thing is given to me

Life had taught me to select the hardest aim

And taught me to choose the best of results

Life had taught me to be the poor when I'm rich

And the rich when I'm poor

Life had taught me not to worry about a lost

And not to be happy about a gain

Life had taught me if I lost a thing

Another batter one comes along

Life had taught me to accept facts

And what is not a fact not a fact.

Life asked me to be modest

Not to be like a smoke which rise and it bad

Life ask me to help the week

And be with him tell he/ she is strong

Life wants me to respect every thing

And every thing believe in things

Life taught me to learn a thing

And what ever a man learn he/she know non

Life taught me to stop for a while

Think of what I' v done and judge my self

Life taught me the types of friend

first, second, and, third,

The first is like the air you can stay without him/her,

second like the medicine you take it when you’re ill,

And the third is like the sickness, you batter leave

Life had also taught me what ever you learn you still know non

had taught me to love and on love,

And without love nothing will be on lands and skies

when you love, love softly and get deeper softly in,

come to love from where it love to be coming from.

Sweet sweetie

those are for you to know the sun will start to rise with our rise





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