[] A Live Tail,,[]

English Ray


I have nothing but my self,,

Put in the flex and stair it up,,,

No topic,,

Relates Me to You,,,

Title will be gone,,,

Surprises fell the streets,,

Subsidized my from you,,,

Line of light,,

Read and write,,,

My emotions from day within the nights,,,

Coloring pictures,,,,

Slipping paints,,,

My thoughts from the wrong and from the rights,,,

Pulling my legs to my fate,,

Digging my grave at the save,,,

My hands and tongue ,,,

Put me down or up in the height,,,

Slipping my softy tears,,,

Sucking my lonely fear,,,,

My sight gazing the darkness of the night,,,,

Sweeping my sands

Crossing the lands,,,

My thinking know is only the right,,,,

In love we failed,,,

Reading our leading and references from our old tails,,,

What we know is only the right,,,,

What we love is talks,,,

And what we talk is just like a joke,,,

Only sacristy in us is,,

When we kill our love,,,

Forgive me

In love we failed,,,

First exam

In love we fail,,,

For real, our life is only a fairy tail,,,,




Sun of Sa

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