[] Thinking Highly []

English Ray



Right clue, splendid position,

expirations of revealed talks thru it,

reevaluates in depths



Sometimes it does’t take,

the shape of litters in say,

love talks thru it,

highly ranked,


Brakes the barriers as it’s put,

milts the ice and the coldness,

worms the atmosphere,

shades the tramps,

and life become pleasant,

and comfortable



Right clue,

splendid position.

Enters the inner sides of creatures to masters.

Enters the inner sides of the human sides and build bridges.

Enters the inner sides of the underground to make it rich

and lands blooms.

Enters the inner sides of the sky

and make it rain.



Revolute in depths.

Soft echo, moves the tiniest string of nerves,

delightedly bites of its walls,a rhymed of the echo,

the awaked innermost,dance for the longing,

and surrounded with perfume of snag,breezing flows



A clue that Translates,

silence to litters of lights

that look like the sweet love,


How many times,

its said before litters takes place,

it’s the start of harmony,



I have a sweet heart,

who dived in my inner depth,

and extracted what’s hidden,


She made a painting brash of my pen,

my longing is the ink, and colors,

my chest is the board,


It’s the best paint of board, to a painter.


Who passes by,

Stand thinking highly,



What a nice feeling and beauty of you!!

Stay as you are

and where you are,

you are the thinking highly.



strip of all the aberrance,

be sweet as you are for today,

you, are the splendid position




Sun of Sa


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In Categories: Spiritual, Sad,  Genre: Contemp/Mainstream.

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