[] The True Angle []

English Ray


On my mined there is

a true picture of Angel

I drowned it,from scratch

put the seen on the seen,add

the coloreds in the coloreds.

Came out with a gathered of

a lovely splash, While I look

at my lines of the oily paints,

Adding touches joining together,

coughing a layer over another, dipp-

ings oil on the soil linking a wave to

the wave lighting the darkness of the cave

having a hope, within the scoop, Might be a pearl

in the deep, a terser being in keep diving so deep

Getting to the unknowns, or,reaching my sleep crying

my soul on my hands, fearing nothing, having no doubts

on my land, Crossing my day and my nights, Riding my faith

with my sight exploring,a sea after a sea, but,lands somehow don’t look the same, Fingers created deferent to form

one ,longer,shorter, never be ashamed,saying those

Truth and facts,that must have been, and, there

more fact that never was seen,I move my

colors quit and as slowly, to keep

the margins within the holy,

Staying some where,look-

ing and hear,Is she

The angel,of my thoughts?Is

she the one that will

never will be caught?

Painted picture colores of

painter,well, maybe it's

hard for one to see,

That She,deserve all

my tittles, that

I ever dear

She is my







Sun of Sa


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In Category: Love,  Genre: Contemp/Mainstream.

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