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English Ray

My some one special,



I love the love,


it’s your heart,


your in my eyes,


stay as you are,

I will(INSA) bring back,

to your eye

the confidence, of the self beauty,


Some generosity wonders ask me,

to take your heart,

I asked for a permission from your love

as your love to me,

and it came,


ask them,

where is the knowledge,

and their seas,

if you need an newer from my pen or my tongue,


My place is your heart,,

It’s my gusset house and my living room,

An eye accumulate the contact of our world contacts,

As it widen the other blesses to the words,


In your eyes,

and between your brows,

you’re the holiest name,

in the highest ranks,


My self



Other then you


I have not case,


I ant want a hope for your love


I see your right with me and in front of me,

My love to you is my return,

To say it as my thanks,


I know you the best knowledge ever being,


A pure soul,

At the sound the best of rhythms,


the litters of the inner spared away,


hides in you,,

A focal points and the lead to the shipping,


I see you a Great deal of an active stream,


The Great of what He have,

Knows that,


Will not fulfill the thanks,


My thanking needs, another thanks for being able to thanks,

and if you could count,


I thanks as much as the sand grains, and the stones,

And the wait of the skies and lands,

And every pits and peaces fly in the air,


My love,

If God well,

You will be or me in this universe,

Hold your heart,

Might days detonate between us,

The time kept moving on,

Write to me ,

A lovely litter,

I might see you,

And bring back,

What time took for us,


my heart did not become pure,

form the sorrow

I read the name from a the head of the sugar cane,

Going down,

I felt that you still carry your pain and you hided it,,

Who knows,

Form the honey of your love,

I forgot my love,

And don’t blame me,,,,


in this land, white stars,

make the wounds come to cure,

with the sign of............



Thanks, and best Regards,




Sun of Sa

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