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She is very strong,

but,she is weak, she

owns from her self lots

My steries faith, knowledge of life and wonders

and ,owned the soul of the sky ,and hold it in one hand and

the breezes of her soul moves with its' frightness

of the unknown the sounds of her heart

returns of echo's so loud


I love him, but words could not come out

and she still see her pride in the sky

the differences between us start here

I wanted her start, and, she wanted my end

When I love someone

and I say it so load

don't want no jowls

no want no skies

all I want

she give me her love

that would be my end

I wanted her start.

and she wanted my end

Between lines of my love

thing's that saves love

my love, wont be lost in the beauty of the worlds

I know as a man that might be some far

It's not marriage, that makes it all

Marriage is part of life process for man

but when she asked me about the married

I have seeing my end will start,


I don't want to die

I want to live forever more

in hear heart, soul, in the sky

Or on the flower, and live one day more

I want to write my poems on her cheeks

taste it in her lips, smell it besides her ears inhale in her breaths

Feel it in her chest,

and touch it on her skin

I wont to writ my poems

read it by her eyes,and, memorized it in  her senses

let it grow in her soul,in her mined dissolve in it, and live

for ever, and forevermore

When she say the words of love

she say them, but,with no words

but, with the loving soul

did not I tell you at the start

I want her start

she want my end




Sun of sa

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In Category: Love,  Genre: Contemp/Mainstream.

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