[]How Much You Pay []

English Ray


I sat some where at a carve of road,

there was shad of trees,

And pure worminess,

All people I had seen,

on their ways carrying what their hearts needed

I wasn’t,

but, it’s my fate,

asking what others ask,

My aim,

takes out what my self’s wants,

At a glance, took my mined,

a little girl, abstracted love form my depth,

I raised respect splendid her value

I had seen the pure copious,

and I had seen a white angle,

glows goodness,

other angles

extract their glowing lights from hers’,

I wish you had seen God creation.

Her eyes are merciful

from the description of the (Most) Merciful God,

if a devil looks at her,

forced to tumble on the knees.

A little girl, abstracted love form my depth,

I raised respect splendid her value

I‘d seen her playing in the heart of the sun,

she looked like the pearl,

with a face, magic eyes, and a  raped check from the kisses of the sun,

reddish like the flowers or the roses

that became my astray

she got the distress, from her inside heat.

she got shows what is in her when the heart,

frozen as if she live in the pole,

I have seen in every human the hours,

of stretching and centripetal

she has got the eye of the escaping antelope,

and all the eyes of antelopes beat it,

all the grayness deer’s,

and the eyes of the horses beat it too.

specified as she is the master of creatures

deem wised by the Great god the creator,

I described her as she is,

not from silver flasks,

but she who abstracted love from my depth

she the one I love.and lives in my eyes,

the misery, and the love,

that lives in my heart,


become my antic

How much do you pay?for my misery and my love,

remember that she is who Gods’ crowned by the pure highness and love

How much you pay to buy my misery and love?

I got lost in my descriptions of her,

and I know, I am not complete to confined

her wonderful alsikes

this is the misery, and love in each human.


How much you pay to buy the misery and love???




Sun  of  Sa


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love,  Genre: Contemp/Mainstream.

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