[] Safe Place []

English Ray


I know that you are occupying

a space in this universe,


I know from born

You would have a title,


Among those places and titles I seen,

I have one safe place for you,

it is my depth,

If god well

and the wing of a bird was broken,

still life will go on

Small ant in the dark whole of a rock,

is fed,


It might be some birds have nothing to do with their wings,

It would be their share,

And that is not a shortage,

of them ,but that increases their beauty,

I would ask you to stay where you are and as you are,

I want you the way you are,

with no man made accessories

don't worry,

My heart is the safest place


Suite your self...




Sun of sa

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love,  Genre: Classical

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