[] The Best Thing in All []

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One day I asked !!!!

What is the best thing in all??????????

The church said she is the best,

She said she is the best when she clears all the people sense

The religious people said

it is the religion

It make the people equal and the same in every thing

The fame said,

the soldier If this leads to death

The realistic said,

It's the clear fact which does not have any cheating

The normal person said,

Enjoying them selves in this life

The young guy said

nothing matters to me,

But chasing the sweeties,

The young sweet girls

Then I sat asking my self

What is your point view

She answered me,

I did not see any thing

Batter then


The best in all , wich IS, helping the sad souls




Sun of sa

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Love,  Genre: Contemp/Mainstream

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