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English Ray


I opened my pages of my memories,

And started recalling,

I still remember, what you said,

I still remember what you feel,

The are saved in a restricted area

Yes ,

You said the sky keep changing,

fuggy, hazy, sunny, cloudy, and cool, and rains

As the souls keep changing in the world of words,

souls feeling, and heart is the running engine,

the control is at the brain

The frame of all always unknown

up rising in the skies,

For every one of them

a basic and Unicoi principle

As it what the sea has, tide ebbs , and flows

For a fisher man

timing is nice, and well,

When soul is at it's tide ebbs,

Take the best from it,

And come with it

He fixes his nets, and /or prepare then,

And the collection of what his net gets,

When the sea flow in motions,

the fish time to come out to the net

the fishing is promising, as its with the souls ,feelings, and words,

I still remember  what you say

I still remember what you feel,

Words that comes out pure for the soul,

Penetrates every thing ,

The fuggy, hazy, sunny, cloudy, and cool, and rains,

And accept one place to fit,

It is the soul,

You long for scenery,

And I am longing to have you as my title,




Sun of Sa


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Spiritual,  Genre: Contemp/Mainstream

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