[] Loneliness and Fun []

English Ray

An enjoyment I found in been lonely

I found it in some lines of my life sheet

I love the beauty, and the charming views

How much I seek them inside me

Looking at the stars quantities

what if the hit each other


It would be a grate picture

how they gather in a picture in my mined

With row the attention of me

I take them to the sea shores

As they appear

glowing on the surface of the water


they are lots light years away

When they appear softly hatching the water

it looks a mastery to the observer

They move between the moving waves

stay stable on top of them

I was astonished of the fact and what the eyes see

Another a puzzle moving to the desert

and the huge sands

Moving with the wend

shaping a wonderful design

as if a machine made it

I collect the seen from the seen

the sound from the sounds

choose the ret hem that goes well

form the best. fun

How much time

I turned the ideas around in side me

I flipped away their certain

love and love of they

I became a habit riding waves

My hard head

no fear are chosen to be my tools

I get in, never counting my steps

move I the deep waters

How much of talk is razed out

between me and my self

those my senses

listen and feel

I love what I love in side my depth

And you will

If you knew how it looks

Will be wondering and

pull you pen

tell you innate the secrets behind this all

close your eye and let it go

with quite movement, and closing the mouth,

take a long deep breath and say

that is

Loneliness, & The Grate The Fun


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