The Shrimps




The Shrimps

Pots for colors (1)

Her strange taste ran my head

And a volatile shale

Have fun
It is a summer in the winter of thought

And sleep the weakness in the day of nostalgia

Flying in the air classes

highness of feelings and odors of perfume

Thalia Yasmine

It has the wind that glorifies the heart

And the refinement of love in my spirit

He is honored with his bracelets

In the palm of Huraa in the horizons

Pomegranate tea in glass (2)

It's a lilac color with snowflake eggs

The spirit blows in desert of gardens


Move wilt eyelashes

And the sunrise in the sunrise and in its mists, reddish east

Shrimps in cupcakes

A white butterfly flew

To get rid of the limb and tip

Visible wind paper and the blossom of the cheeks

Flying with its wings looms its charm

And the heart of roses eagerly received

To make her color fragrant ottoman

Chests of drawers for cupcakes (4)

The fragrance of the mean

And wind turbines

She filters her filters

sees of the estuaries of snails

Pomegranate tea in glass (5)

Describe the blue at its point of gun

And the way of light of water with my eyes

Pots for colors (6)

Discharged over the banks of time

And cure the disease of Xavi Danone

Pots for colors (7)

Can bees
The character is gathered from the belly of the reef

In Kasi, the martyrs will be honored

In the cup of the lost courting

Under the pleasing folds of a senile

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