My fate



My fate



If fate has been cut off from me

and did not remember me in my way of look

and did not guide the wilt of the eye;

drawing longing in the nights  

And sadness dampened the shells 

And the flow of the wave in a fried 

The lines of drowning pen 

Honestly it was


and  sand covered its ring 

Give the truthfulness to her wrath

And you believe the living;

And the cold of summer in kisses;

She says lying in shyness lies; runes 

Quote ; done ;

Say ; that you are ;

The letters of the embers are scattered

And say  remove the shackles 

And the crossroads of the roads;

In your side is huge;

If he wants love and destiny

And the heart is turning;

In the fate of what is pure 

Magnification of the diameter in the magic

And in it I was a believer ;

Formulate mind and thought

be The star in my nights

be the water in my destiny 

be the engraving of predestination

The inscription remains in the silence of the stone

Deep-tipped drag live 

My line burned my hope


Burned my hope

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