Water's Puzzle



Water's Puzzle 


Arrowhead of a volcano


Penetrates deep into the night


He roars


Includes lava


Smelters silence and hands


Angry soul of sadness

instill confusion in my heart


Bleeding blinks song


Her memory is echoed by a child


Download the rose in the palm


And another paper has emerged in the palm of the branches

Star song has been stolen


Lights of pearls and coral


The melodies of love have emerged


Of the tendon tendon


And fear of distance


Kindle and impatience and free barks

Killing me hours folded


I am in the desert, I think


But the lesson has suffocated


A cup of cactus is thrown out


I drink it in the memory of the sabbaths of Safa


Fithor in his heat the volcano

I regurgitate my breath


And the doves of the west in Shké


Looking for a shelter to house


The moon lights up


And the euphoria of the ecstasy is inhabited


To relax the head on my chest


Heart beats


Flowers of the chest


To immerse in the travel of conscience

I passed my voice towards hearing


I hear the whispers of the whispers


And overflowing my chest


She carried a shampoo of sensation


On the paper of the pens


To paint in good  love


A mystery to stick 

My breath tells her


the  mouth water

Free the fire from the flames

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