Hay sailor




 Hay sailor 


O you who are sailing in the night, wait until the morning


How many prisoners when Shaw longing guide the way


How many tears he poured over the  services of the cheeks


Wash the locked grief over the edges of the guide


Maybe the path was not in the palm of its range


We kept the door lost from my impossible shirt


Maybe it was an option while we were in a perpetual slumber


All the footsteps were blocked except the deep flashes of that woe


The calamities in her waves went through a manual melody in a mist


Whenever the sun shone, we went to the long night

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the second


He walked in us fast and beautiful


And the fowl of that that is in the hand of the unseen is a scoundrel


And look at me when memory



I'll just kick you in the face of a friend 

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