Come down my sweet horse




Come down my sweet horse


Come down my black horse, from above the hills


My favorite candy is a pleasant and fragrance


Titan horses and the hills were lifted up


remove the patience that divided the heart into a few and broke


That path of hope will be repeated


The bird shall take me in a deep desire in every sea


Writes  easy has been tiring waiting of feelings


stretched in lines perhaps uttering hair


I was tired waiting to be cut off after delivery


neck in the sun is expected to be content and secret


Ask for the long nights bout


And the struggle of the storm and the storm of the sea


Or the Deafness of the Deaf as they drown in the imagination


The ripple of the rising wave and then the prose


I kiss the spirit of the twinkle of the rope


Stacked  in the absence of gardens  in stabbed and free


I will not accept you anymore


And the fear is gone where it settled


Where there is neither promise nor a throne to be ashamed of the shadows



My bird goes on until I am in love with magic

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