It melts between the folds of your letter


The seconds devour the hours of my street


and it is overwhelmed by the clouds of my foresight


The waves of the coast of tears


the heat from the creaking of the distance from you defends me


unique in your eyes charming light in my congregation


When the minutes and days will be completed and be


You are the one who stays with me


When the branches cling


and I will have fun with you in my outlook


When the flowers are covered with dew


Your body moved my fingers


When will you let us go tomorrow?


I have loved it since the day I was deposed


When I feel you will not leave me


I will not keep you from my worries


I loved patience from your torment


packaged the order in my expectation


Your love is brilliant


You guide me in the darkness of the night and claim


She was blinded by the evening


And believe it for your spilled mouth


Flasks love in the grass


When, O best of names, my soul mourns


And finish the nectar of patience, and


wipe out your eyes from mine

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