The Pier

Nature Around Us

Long fingers extend  over the lake.

some as old as time,

weathered by years of use

the sun, water and wind.

Others shiny and new

with a clack clack clack,

of a man made source,

as intruders tread upon its strength.

Hovering just above the water

as if permission has not yet been granted

to proceed and may never be.

  Reaching towards the center

trying to uncover its secrets,

yet remaining safety above the source.

Some sit and watch the scene unfold,

waiting patiently for the secrets to be revealed.

Others dive right in

violating the calm surface,

not able to restrain  themselves of the wonders.

Some sit and day dream of times long past,

as memories slowly flood back

lapping at our conscious minds

like the murky water caressing

the well worn and softened rocks

at the waters edge,

eroding into the present

and pulling us back into the past

to linger a little while longer.

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