The luminescence of the moon,

guides my booted steps,

over the moor  to the jagged edge of the cliffs.

I stand on the edge, listening to the ocean's waves,

Crashing endlessly against the rocks below.

I seek an answer.

May the echo of the waves,

speak to me from the depths of experience.

I can not remain undecided any longer,

or I shall go mad!

‘Tis to taxing on my fragile mind,

Bombarded continuously

with directions and advise.

No firm guidance in my life,

only obstacles, and emotions.

I need piece of mind!

Let the answer come on the wind's current,

to my open ears,

Echoes of the past.

No more indecision!

Let me choose the course to travel.

Set sail firmly and not look back.

I don't have my sea legs yet, so this decision

will have to wait.

Till another day.

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