Journal 09/06/08="Universal Medicine"

=Even amongst a relentless migraine, and the paralyzing symptoms which accompany it--severe nausea, sensitivity to light and sound--, an ironic cure both stirred my burdened soul and promoted healing:  Music.  Not my usual meditative musical choices (Bach, soft Celtic, with a smidgen of new age thrown in), but  alternative rock/metal.  I opened up my favorite browser and played an Internet radio station;  I chose the "Evanescence fan radio station."  I was hoping the station would play two of my Amy Lee favorites; instead, other alternative rock/metal bands were being played. Most of the songs were jarring blasts of screeches played by inauthentic, single digit, low frequency bands..  With tons of ice on my back and head, I kept pushing the skip button every two seconds.  I was hoping that I'd find something relaxing.  Deep breathing was mandatory under the physical torture that a migraine produces. I peeked out from beneath the ice pack on my forehead every couple of seconds to flip through an endless barrage of third-rate alternative noise.  Then my ears perked up when a song by Three Doors Down started playing.  Though I really like this band, this type of music generally doesn't produce serenity in me when a migraine occurs.  The title track playing was "Away From The Sun."  I couldn't remember but a few words:  "So far down...away from the sun again...."  From beginning to end, the song was entrancing; I took deep breaths, allowing the lyrics to flow through me.  As I was releasing past and future stress--even for a few moments--, the migraine began to finally dissipate, along with its god-awful symptoms.

It's a funny thing, how my body tells me things I need to know.  And sometimes, a simple melody can be the cure.

It's  so wondrous at how a few musical notes put together to form a song can heal people.  That one song has the ability to stretch out across earth and time, its river flowing through every radio, cd or computer, permanently carving its mark into the granite face of human existence.. Music is the only thing that transcends the boundaries of foreign  dialect and culture. When English-speaking musicians are touring various concert venues in Japan, the cheering throng  understands them.  No interpreter is is ever required.  The band members are able to perform the miracle of unity through  sound.  How can anyone do this?  Because music is not only sung or played; music is felt.  Even if the music is ear-splitting thrash metal, it brings the crowd together.  

Wouldn't it be nice if, instead of bringing guns, bullets and other remorseless pieces of metal onto the battlefield, somebody brought about eight hundred humongous amplifiers and a cd player, hooked them up, and played "Give Peace A Chance"? Well, maybe not; I don't like that song, but the lyrics mean so much. Or "Purple Haze"?  Or, any song that unified either side?  Then war could end.  A lot of "bad stuff" could end.

That's not the world we live in.  But it's a hope; and, I can hope, can't I?

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