It's amazing all you put me thro,

is there nothing I can do?

I know that I've told you,

but maybe this love isn't true.

I know I love you with all my heart,

thats how it's been right from the start.

So you toke me in, but shun me out,

I still dont know what our loves about.

If you could only see me here,

maybe you would wipe these tears,

and tell me everythings alright,

even tho it'd only last a night.

I wish i had the strangth to say,

sometimes iI wish you'd go away.

Drop off the plant and leave me alone.

But i dont want to be alone.

If only you would change your ways,

but I know that'd only last a day.

It's plan to see that you dont care,

Thats probably why your not here.

My heart is broken again and again,

I'm surprised it's not the end

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