Best vintage shops in Malaysia and reach them by Bus

Best vintage shops in Malaysia and reach them by Bus




Push cart vendors, pop up kiosks and some hidden stores in road side markets and malls in the centre of the city and a few vintage stores have started seeing several visitors throughout the year. These shops are said to have gained quite a lot of popularity amongst the locals and the visiting tourists. From vintage clothes like flapper fringe dresses and suits to home wear items and tiny collectable dolls for the kids, second hand books, designer hand bags, these stores and vintage shops have it all and at dirt cheap rates. The best part is when you keep walking around the shelves in these stores and suddenly find something that is unique. This can be anything like a first edition book or a handmade showcase item. These items are said to cost anywhere between RM10 to RM50.

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This store is located in Sungei Wang Plaza. The Store is said to have a large pile of bright trendy collection of second hand shoes, bags, magazines and clothing. Clothes are quite cheap and in order to bring the prices down the store infrastructure has been kept quite simple by the owners. This makes the store look quite underrated however; it is not – thanks to the interiors, the store looks like an industrial warehouse. The story has vintage shirts, jackets, skirts all of which you can purchase at unbelievable prices. Very rarely will you find any designer items here as the store caters only to mainstream local market. The shop is dazzlingly bright and is known to feature a funky collection of second hand shoes, clothing, magazines and bags. Clothes are one of the most inexpensive items that are sold here having a starting price range of RM5.  I found the locals criticising the interiors of the shop but I had a complete different pinion when I explored the shop myself. Colourful rails lining the walls are dedicated to holding jackets trousers and shirts.

Joe’s MAC

This is a unique store located in Amcorp Mall and is dedicated to music lovers. The store is relatively new and has been opened only a few years ago. It is located on the ground floor and is much more than such a music store. The store will give you a flashback of the music back then. The store has diligently preserved old album posters, a collection of guitars, Cd’s cassettes and much more that is sure to grab your attention.

If you have a bent over vintage items make sure to give these two places a spot on your visit list. These stores are only at a distance of about 10 minutes from KL City Centre from where most of the buses originate. Although the distance is short, a Cab ride make set you back somewhere by RM50.  You can reach both of these places by bus in the same time but at an economical price at only RM10.

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