Deaths of Words

Vintage Words


A stick as pen will always be

a great mind bursting with now

thinking in sand impermanence

like the lists of relationships

water washed away.


Erasures are funny entities

that live briefly and go

on a permanent vacation

from all possible worlds. To

vanish eternally is a wonderful

way to exist.


No words live in their original

form forever. The editor's pencil

eraser is permanently attached

to history, after a few dissolvable

minutes or erosion prone centuries.

Words eventually die.


May as well be written in smoke

in the sky, with the great eradicator

impermanence prone wind’s arrival

to make it nothing. invisible ideas

have a tendency to be symbols that

also disappear in time. Such

permutations fade, eventlessly

removed;swiped clean like chalk

from slate to become sand








Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Daniel - slc 


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