Vintage Words


Rastafarian is the new

music that is heard in the belly.

This music equals the motion, the

education is the nationalization

of rastafarian conflagaration.

Begun as a revolution media

ending in a multi-millions media.


Too many feet equal the rhythmic

inequality in the atmosphere,

straining to find one worthwhile voice,

yearning in a human heart beat

to mimic egalitarian goals, ending

in a bland display of omnipresent

studio time as money maker.


Rastafarianization of the mind

sets the world tuning in another

direction, but the counter-axis

of evolution remaps the winds

of the wildest storms. Raw Rasta 

was too rich and prone to changes.


Originally designed to liberate all

the peoples under nourished in the head,

instead became that which was not

in the founding specification. Co-opted,

we rock it to Electric Avenues against

the current that led to and external

message we hoped would move us

and teach us.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

For redzone after Raeggaton - slc

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