Cop A Plea

Vintage Words


Loved those oldies professing love that

will last forever. The other guy she is with

or thinks might be better is not the

one for her. The singer is and he cops his plea

across at least three stanzas divided

by the musical bridge (or a few doo wops).


The ad from the female groups are to other

women with warnings to stay away (as in

don’t mess with what’s mine). So possessive,

professing union of the heart attached

to a few chains and some locks.

He’s mine oh mine. She belongs

to no one else. An implied big

sign says Keep Out - Occupied.


Don't you miss those old standards

that speak of property rights and rituals?

Love somebody was the point, it didn’t

really matter who, it was the need to

be totally someone’s that was important.


Still is, truth told, we inherited that posture.

Troubadors and scops hold the copyright.

Today, ownership is no longer politically good

or safe physically to say so out loud. The free

are without a Friday night date and sometimes,

just not always, the individuals who comprise couples

are lonely too but they belong to a chain linked

whole and that is the last word on why many

marriages fail, and why bachelors and bachelorettes

as X’s are in multitudinous quantities.


Still, the songsters must croon - don't go, stay

here where I can own you, or cop a plea endlessly

that you must be a part of my estate forever

my plea being so sincere and written in the stars,

and you, well you can take your best shot.








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