The Valentine and The Test of Love

Vintage Words


I should be studying

for a spelling test.

Instead, I am cutting out

hearts in pink and red

paper to pin to a box

full of Valentines that

have red heart shaped suckers

attached to them.


I am sure the teacher

will appreciate the time I

took away from studying

to write 29 names on

Valentines (the tape

on the suckers to keep them

from falling off was

my grandma’s idea). So,

I may not do so well

on that spelling test.


I’m sure the C- I get

for spending so much time

with Valentines will be

acceptable to the Principal.

It was from the heart,

you understand, all those

cards and candy to my

teacher and classmates

that took time away

from studying my spelling

test vocabulary.


My parents may not

see it my way, but I ask

everyone to remember

that I filled the Valentines

and the decorated box

with so much time.







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