Loss of Vision

Vintage Words


Bestowed with joy to have seen and enjoyed

seeing. Eyes no  longer focus well, the edges

are dimming. A world once clear is fading

and memory has to fill in the vacancies. There. 

will always be the things I’ve seen, sampled, 

and remembered sharp as any photo lens

can capture or any camara phone can instantly

develop. This mind will manufacture any lack

of lengths or widths or depths. There are all kinds

of ways to see.


Hindsight becomes a favorite when the current

view is limited by time and failing eyes. The books

read, the movies enjoyed, museum art, concerts

attended. How can indelible moments of love end

after watching a grandon on the floor with crayons?

These  will always  be imprinted in memory and if

memory dies, there will always be the odd

photo album lazing about. 


When sight and memory fail at eighty or ninety,

some hearing of the world will be left with a dim

view to accompany the tick of clocks. All the visions

may be erased like an old friend now gone. In the last

hours I shalls share air with you. Time will simply

be time and perhaps someone will play for me a zippy

tune on a dusty record player.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

A complete rewrite - okay theme - awful original write - slc :D 


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