Scary Movies

Vintage Words


For Ichabod, the horse
came with white breath
on the coldest night air,
the rider headless, to make
us scream. It was written
just for the chill of it.


The name, Vincent Price,
sends the mind to ravens
and black bats,  the living
buried alive, cemeteries
with fog, and the laugh, a

spine tingler thriller. He

did it for the chill of it.


Bravo for a bag of mummy
wrappings or Karloff a terror

as Frankenstein's best work.

The team  eventually gave

you a bride, heinous

the way you like 'em. But

you had to kill her, we
understand, you did it
to make a chill of it.


Bella, Bella, Bella

of Dracula they tell a
great horrendous toothy
tale, with blood implied,
the occasional smear
of lust and love and lore
and gore we swallowed whole
and shivered when the air
went icy, we nicely remember
the chill of it!


Lon Chaney was the man who
could not help his addiction

to fur & claws and the shear

delight of ripping out a throat. 
It was your best night work
next to that hunchback
action. Breath abating in a

Thousand faces, a human we

thoroughly loved for the moonlit

thrilling chill of it.






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