Young Speak

Vintage Words


Babies need a language
of their own to communicate
their pre-hormonal experiences
and feelings between each other.
We have forgotten what we

knew then, we have gone through

to a mostly standardized pattern.

Mellow, mellow,



We had  jive talk, what we named

the smooth and jazzy to express

generational need for a new common

tongue in a world not yet checked out.

Texting and blogging creates a new

shorthand for speaking; a new form
of being hip has emerged, cool as
cats, cool as chicks and out of sight,

ma man!


I get that tower of babel feeling
and wonder how that goes over in
the workplace. I’m hip to the jams,

cool as ice, can reet repeat

with the best of them, but these:
:D and 3> and :) I glimpse as code 

for something very copesthetic,






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