Vintage Words


No clouds or angels with wings
compose the after breath domain. 
There too will be an absence

of gates and guardians.


White is a color
and will have no space

to fill there. Like bliss, a

human thing, joy will
have no dominion.


There will be no mythical

or supernatural revisitations

to watch beloveds, no interventions

from another plane to make them

safe and warm or wealthy.


Atoms will not exist as corporeal
components of anything, air
will be cousin, void friend. Without
weather, no seasons will blossom
and wilt, freeze or heat the hands.
There will be no hands.


God will still be everything

and The Son of God will still

be everything, including 
The Spirit and what I become.


You will suddenly one day comprise

that too when the proverbial trumpet

blares and fire consumes every item

once created by the proverbial

Him or the contemporary Her.


Flames being the best creation, eternity
will not be the designated place for
torture and eternal pain. Those are stories
to fill the collection plate. This Heaven
is one the faithful and unfaithful

can believe in. No one will go to either

an imagined or actually painful Hell.


Redemption, as we know it, will
be the only rule, universal as all God

concepts. Every good book says so.

Every self-proclaimed vision or

self-professed trance says so. Why?

Because it is Heaven.








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