Four Smile Career (a sci-fi tell)

Vintage Words


An alien plant made it impossible

to die from so much joy and love; it

took going back in time to make love,

true love, with a co-exilee happen.

Hearts broke all over Earth

that night.


After killing Kirk on the battlefield

over Ta' Pring, we were trapped

in a pig's eye. Caught, you explained,

captured unawares with surprise

and shock. Later we learned Vulcans

feel more deeply than humans, not just

in the series, but in movie prequels,

and in the books.


It is said only the return of the Gods

of Rome could force laughter from

a Vulcan. Close up, tragedy laughed

until Spock was rescued by a little

person. Of course, that time did not

really count because it was not

from my Vulcan's heart.


Not even Kirk bringing you back

from the grave merited so much as

a smirk. Saved by the skin of a live long 

and prosper finger, dignity, and propriety

as a Green born and an officer served.

The rest of us did not have a chance,

Kirk was always the one.






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