Canada Day; How Canadians honour it

In all countries, there is always a special day that has been set aside in the calendar. This day for each country differs from one another. For some, their specially honoured day can be the day of gaining independence, while some may be their democratic day. A day that a significant and memorable observance occurred might be for some. Among those countries that have a date popularly honoured in their history is Canada.

What is honoured all about Canada day, when it comes up, and how is the Commenceration done each year? All these questions are to be explained in this article on Canada day offered by

Canada Day- what is it about

On this day, the country Canada was born. Turning back to the hands of time before 1867, there was no country called Canada. On the 1st of July, 1867, through the constitutional Act, the British North Americans Act merged multiple provinces into one indivisible country.

 This formed what was pronounced as the Dominion of Canada. It was a federation and was the observance was called and honoured as the confederation of Canada. The then governor-general asked that the people in the city honour the joining on the 20th of June 1868. But the date was set for the 1st of July and was called dominion day. However, for nearly 60 years, no one honoured the observance until 1927. This was towards the end of World War II, and an official observance day was set up with various activities lined up for the day.

Since 1983 however, the name was changed to Canada day since its freedom for colonization and name. On this day, the country is lit up with its national flag and its national emblem, the maple leaf.

This day is not federally approved as a public holiday throughout Canada. This means that you are expected to abstain from work irrespective of your position as a person living in Canada on that day. Typically the day is always off all general population; this includes.

  • Schools.
  • Government offices.
  • And private offices.



 Businesses are also expected to be closed down to honour this day.

 In Canada, how do they honour Canada day?

Since the day has been declared a public holiday to all living in Canada, it is widely honoured in public gatherings or at home.

The observance features pancake breakfast across the cities, parades and floats, concerts and carnivals, festivals and dancing, displays of the flag, the singing of the Canadian national anthem, and displaying fireworks in the cities provinces. The Commenceration witnesses citizens celebrating all those who newly became citizens.

Whenever the holiday comes on a Sunday or Saturday, Monday will be declared a public holiday for the Commenceration to take place the following working day.



As a resident in Canada or thinking of moving to Canada, Canada day is a memorable and exuberant day that you cannot afford to miss out on any of the observances as it is highly colourful and honoured throughout the country.

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