journey- in a bus


Reached the place 

where small journey take place

waited a bit and then forward my steps

infant, adult, elder everyone was there 

it is about the time of my verge at teenage


standing, standing perhaps someone stand up 

some is rough , unclouded can be seen 

lets now start the doings of different character 

read whats written in there

but never bother to follow traffic rules


one was like sitting at right 

with a little sunshine, 

felt like frying in lime (limekiln)

change her spot to left 

said" stand up, this is ladies seat "

other person " you were sitting there,

                     why would i stand up."

she said " you can't argue this is a lady seat"

that person stand up gently 

what he could do 


at one stand , two kids entered 

they were six,

their age do not look more than eight

singing while beating plates 

to get some penny,

they could eat on those plates


some shows respect to elder one 

doesn't care if that was a lady seat 

what they see who is needy

where other suppose to sit

if all belong to lady 


two kids are sitting with their mummy

two friends are singing a bit loudly

some are listening to music,

some can't stop mummering  

some are waiting for their stop

and here i am looking out from the window

watching what this world leaving ?




Author's Notes/Comments: 

In this poem i tried to describe differnent characters of people whether it is rough or soft , i put pressure on a lady as she was really rough to that man. Here by saying traffic rules i just mean that in a day to day life they may not follow rules but in a bus even to a old man have to see if that seat belong to lady 

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