it was started with a brief

with a relief 

it was just a begining 

where boundary couldn't see

our thought was less logical

related to some mischief


from A to Z, it was the reaching point

from minus to multiple

that's  far our primary ground

after every step we took

took to reach the logical fount


Now it was time to get a little serious

with efforts and a little movement

we kept walking too far

without a thought what will come in the path


it was last year for us

not a last year of our school

it was a time 

when we spent every single moment

which drop by drop

fill the every byte of mine

walk with a foot step of a child

with a truth of our reality

some what bitter but from every place of ours

it create a energetic hole in our mind


we got each other's back

till the end of our journey 

which is keep moving till eternity 

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