let's live until the end



what is life?

you got to find it 

yourself and for that,

you got to stop running 


can't you live a life until the end

why it's so hard

can't you tell?

is it harder than the 

beggar, who is

struggling for food

is it harder than the person 

who is fighting with poverty 

or it is more than the mother

who is trying to get work 

so that she can feed her baby

every single person is facing 

may be more than you


so why can't you live a life

Until the end

it's okay if you are not good 

in studies, it's okay

if you feel you are

losing everything

it's okay if you think

you are not good in anything

you can't tell

that's what you think

you got to try

even in the end

you won't shine

This is a life


no matter what 

you will shine 

in the eyes of 

your dear one 

or you just want 

to leave a mark

and let them suffer

"your dear one"

even in the last second

want to turn around 

you just can't 

turn back the time 


let's live till the end

let's travel through these 

adventurous years

cause that's what 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

 I write this poem because nowadays we heard of suicide cases of students or other people who get tired of their day to day problem, they just want to leave this world.

I write about this because i feel like i should