Untitled -- 1.25.2009

Anticipating every waking moment

Spent with you

No better place in the world right now

None as peaceful

Your eyes are shut and music played soft

I want nothing more than to watch

At times things are perfect

Other times, bad

We have secrets that no one knows

From when there was no one else

We wake up in the mornings

Go to bed at night

It's not what everyone thinks

We aren't together

I've dreamt of us together

But reality occurs

I'm nothing more that "just a friend"

No girlfriend qualities

College starts in August and things will soon change

I'll be going off to school

You'll be a real man in the real world

Making a new start in life

I'm just the friend who will be waiting

For the next one

The one who will come along

Pick up the pieces

The pieces I dropped on the floor

And I will drop them again.

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