I have a secret

No one will ever know

A secret I masked

Memories I can't let go.

I met this guy

Who means more than the world to me

I never thought I'd fall

Never thought that this is where I'd be.

I find it hard to breathe

Whenever I hear your voice, say your name

I pulled my heart

Into this ridiculous, meaningful game.

So much passion

Intensified to a maximum level

Possibly destructive

Didn't think it'd get me in trouble.

An addiction so strong

My weakness, my kryptonite

But even now

If you would kiss me, I wouldn't fight.

You see, I love you

And no matter how hard I try

If you seem upset

It affects me, I cry.

No, I won't get over you

I can't, I failed when I tried

It's not a bad thing

To ignore this feeling would be a lie.

I'll make this worth it

Amd if I never see you again

This kiss is for you

You've always been more than a friend.

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