Watch Us While We Sleep

You're breathing so steady

In time, in sync

everything so quiet

no one awake.

Peacefully on the bed

I lie next to you

The intension I am safe

I dare not make a move.

The steady beat

lulls me to sleep

And I hear you stir.

You wrap your arms around me

Your embrace surrounds me

My emotions are settled

But my heart soars

Right now, in your arms, I'm only yours.

It's 3a.m. and we're awake

Caught up in time

We make no mistake.

Caressing my neck

Your breath, your lips

Across my skin

Your fingers dance

From my lips to my hips.

I have nothing to think about

It's all right here

We're holding eachother

You're whispering in my ear.

You're leaning in

And holding me tight

Never imagining

You'd kiss me tonight.

The intensity, passion

Runs through my body

I feel so much emotion

None, of which, I fear.

Time passes slowly

But quickly it seems

Not sure if this is reality

Or maybe just a dream.

I take a deep breath

As if I'm plunging into a lake

Not knowing what will come next

Or if the next breath, will I take

Something so precious as this

And make it even better?

Or will I treasure this moment

And hope it lasts forever?

I'm still in your arms

When I awake.

And the events of the night

Are not fantasy.

I can't help but reminis

On what happened last night.

You ask me how I feel?

I feel like this is right.

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