Our Dead End

The less people I see
The finer I feel
The fewer fake fools by me
The more truth is revealed
Beastly bad actors
Out for yourselves
Foul internally
Covering up the smell
But the sour stench I see
Emanating from everyone
With many of you I'm done
Get the fuck away from me

The less people around me
The more recovered I feel
Our false, farce society
Where the truth is repealed
Lying, pretending sacks of spoiled skin
Virtue signaling while festering within
Observing humans is a cheerless chore
They’re all predictable, biased bores
Programmed poorly from birth
Zero real worth
No lives matter
Not mine; not yours
We’re all repugnant, rancid whores

Human extinction is music to my ears
Such a satisfying sound I'm eager to hear
I await reveling in billions of screams
A symphony of grand agony
Delightful despair that will make me smile
Earth we shall no longer devour and defile

Shortsighted stupidity
Comatose complacency
Out of touch idiocy
Bodies bulging
Political vomiting
Infinite arguing
Tech addict staring
Dumb and numb
Dead and drooling
Trivial lives
Not worth living

Impersonating rainbows when we’re the violent storm
Idealistic hallucinations
Every single human is a part of the annihilation swarm
Impossible proclamations
In denial of what we are
Pretending to be what we’re not
Leaving behind us trails of rot
Animal instinct concealed
Little of us is real
Partake in the fake
Or torches and pitchforks
Will march your way
Keep your head down
Or get run out of town
Delete authentic history
Copy and paste hypocrisy
There’s no mask to save us from us
For we are the most vicious virus

Hideous humans
I can’t stand the sight
An overpopulated plight
Heinous humans
I can’t stand the scent
Meant to make torment
Horrific humans
I can’t stand the sight
The bloated blight
Devastation and gluttony
Creator of calamities
Hopeless humanity
Vilest monstrosity

We've reached our dead end
I will savor the suffering
Everyone deserves it
Keeping my torrid fire lit
Melting my misery
My fury; your love
Keeping me alive
Yet even so
I will always know
Everyone deserves to die

By Adam Keith McElwain
Copyright Adam Keith McElwain Poetry

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