Live On


Innocence ran off and then was lost

Use your forget medicine, but at a terrible cost

Tried to be your savior, yet I was losing myself too

Forgave myself for giving up; in the end it was up to you


Sadly most memories of her bring sorrow

She told me never to give up just as she gave in

Live in today and forget the worries of tomorrow

You faded away, and I fell into the dark blue

Now at peace that it was up to you

Clouded grey with a few rays of sun

You got caught in the thorns, and your problems won

Memories of such sorrow

Try and forget the worries of tomorrow


Both so haunted by deep thinking and soft hearts

Draining us day and night, slow motion tear apart

I’ve made it through so much, and you’ve become long gone

Your death broke the fog in my head; you helped me live on


By Adam Keith McElwain

Copyright Adam Keith McElwain Poetry

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