Take Not His Name So Lightly


Oh, my God -
how can we so disrespect you?
how can we take in vain the Name
that is True Love, and the Name
of the One who gives us charity, hope
and a impossible faith in this world of doubt?

Oh, you who is my God -
how can we slander you who loved us?
how can we take so slightly the very Name of Him
who is the great "I AM," the wise Judge, the all-sufficient Yahweh
of the most ancient of days -
for you have always been, and your heavenly eyes
seen everything that I have not.
So how dare we slander you
with our illiterate lips?

Oh, wonderful God who I seek to love! -
let not my mouth declare you to be
in any way less than you are;
let not my mind fail to comprehend
the things you teach me;
show me the mysteries you have given us,
only show me what I possibly could ever know,
and keep me forever and always from so wandering from you -
never let me take your Name in vain.

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