Why Is Love So Important


I love learning languages. Wisdom and knowledge matter a lot to me. And I want to escape my selfish nature. These are all good things. However, tonight I've been reading that:

Were I to speak all languages, those of men and those of angels,
Were I a prophet to understand the secrets and all knowledge,
Were I to martyr myself in destitution to the world,
In all of these things, without love I am simply nothing.

I don't always wait with patience,

and I have seen my heart become hard

or more often ache with envy.


I take pride in my demeanor, as if feigned humility could cure the human condition of arrogance.

I could go on but this is just to say too often I live with self-seeking love.

I'm sure you can relate.


I know that there is a stronger love that endures, survives, and transcends all things.

As we grow older, one day very soon all things will be held to light and the shadow be burnt away forever, like dross from gold.

What remains is ours to keep, treasure stored up in Heaven -

and among this is found faith, hope, and love.

But love is the greatest.


And without love we hold nothing.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based off of the New Testament, including I Cor. 13.

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