Where are the Words?


Where are the words for righteousness
for one who walks the withered heath?
Where is the way that leads to healing,
when all one sees is disbelief?

Where is the love that matters
when lovers dance from soul to soul
and hearts are torn to tatters?

Clearly, I am getting older.

It was always him who told 'er
she wasn't wanted anymore
an undesired stranger.

Oh, he should have known the danger,
of playing with her heart.

How thoughtless?

I'd say this very thing to you,
but I've been foolish too.


So this is me just telling you - "hello."
I am just another living human soul,
a little incomplete and unaccomplished
with my own specific set of holes.

We're broken humanity, to this

I think, we'll all agree.

If we're being honest.


But can you see, there's more to be
than just this story?
If you're still reading this
then I have not deterred you
with this briefly written poem
so perhaps you and I,
we're not so different
when it all is said and done.

This is just to say,
the thing I really want to tell you
is that whoever you are,
God. Loves. You.
And I think I understand
some of the doubt and pain you're in
'cause, trust me, I feel it too.
The road I've walked
has had its own ditches and potholes
but for as long as I've talked
this long you have listened,
so may it be, friend,
that you see that
God is the one you can count on.

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