Backward Poem

This is the truth

There is no disputing that 
I am called to bear your torch
I know for a fact that 
You said you will never leave my side
Though I am entering a new world full of uncertainty 
I can't help but feel that 
I am on my own
There is no way that I can believe that 
You have set out a path of righteousness of me
There is a daunting journey ahead of me because
Every day I feel less and less
I can always turn to you for truth
When I become desperate in my confusion 
I look to be fulfilled elsewhere
I have forsake the things of my past
The love and fulfillment found in You
With direction and peace and
Now my mind is constantly flooded with
Fear and deception
The enemy seeks to ruin my life by feeding my 
When I think myself to be capable I am reminded of my
Mistakes and failures
My life is no longer defined by my
God, who broke my chains and set me free
I have decided instead to set my focus on
I have  come to realize that I am no longer in need of
An attitude that seeks the best for others
Because all that will bring me satisfaction is
If I only focus on looking out for number one
It would be ridiculous for me to think can make it
By clinging to your words and following your statutes
For such things are fleeting and my only chance of finding joy is
To join in with the "cultural advancements" of society
Therefore I will refuse
To stand upon your solid ways
To trust that you will guide me
To accept your love in my life and share it to a hurting world
To be your light among the darkness
I have come to this resolution
Because these things are too difficult
I am done hesitation and holding back
I have found a freedom like never before
And this is my declaration for better or for worse
My heart has been formed for one purpose
I can do this on my own
I have been deceived if I think that 
You care about my life to the simplest detail and
That I choose to serve you
My life will forever be defined by declaring 
Myself as lord of my own future
Never again will I claim
Jesus is my everything
Because of the fear of offending others
I will not be shaken
There is no God
There is no truth
There is no wrong
There is no right
These are the things that self-proclaimed wise men tell me
But I can see right through them
Satan has been feeding me nothing but lies
But of course I choose to believe exactly the opposite
Author's Notes/Comments: 

I did not write this poem but it has been such an inspiration to me that I felt the need to share it with y'all. The real authors name is Philip Moore. In case you didn't figure it out, read the poem from top to bottome then bottom to top. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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