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Well...this section is called about my navel, and funny thing, I have the weirdest navel. When I was born I had an umbilical hernia. My bellybutton used to stick out so far it looked ridiculous. Eventually it kind of grew in but you could still tell I had a hernia. One night, while waiting in line for the Hunger Games at midnight, my stomach started to hurt. My mom took me home, my dad felt my stomach, and I figured out I had another hernia! My dad is a doctor and he decided to push it back in. Right when he started jabbing his hand on the protruding tissue, my friend called me about the movie. She didn't know I had left and all she heard was me screaming in pain telling her I had a hernia. A couple months later I had surgery to remove both hernias. As a result, my navel looks very deformed and looks as if it is divided into three sections. I hope you enjoyed reading about my navel:)


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