Fletcher's Ambition

A ‘bad reflex’ that’s how he had called it. Oh, he knew Giovanno Baldassare, one of the gang’s most frequent customer that was currently in New York, was dead. It just wasn’t a bad reflex. He shot the gun because he wanted to, it just took him some time to realize the truth. A few weeks back he probably couldn’t have imagined himself doing something like that (messing with the code) but now he knew what he was capable of. Some people say that the first thought that pops into your mind comes directly from your subconscious’ will. Your deepest, most darkest desires trapped inside layers and layers of consciousness and rationality. For Fletcher, there isn’t a border between those. It’s called being impulsive. Doing the first thing that comes to your mind, sometimes for the heck of it, other times because of lack of control. 

Andrew Fletcher doesn’t believe in that. 

He likes to give in to those because he believes it’s a life style. He thinks that there is no reason why someone should trap that 'evil’ or 'naïve’ version of one’s self deep inside when there could be so much potential in that little monster. So yes, if the question is 'was Fletcher aware that he would get kicked out of the gang because of that?’ the answer is yes, he just didn’t know it until he shot the man. Maybe it was that the gang’s dreams were getting a bit too small for him and he still wanted to become a mafia member like his father. So he quickly made that decision. But there is something that impulses don’t show you when they’re presenting you such a thrilling experience in such a beautiful way; consequences. Andy was out of the gang, he could take that. But have some of the most powerful gangs after him when he killed such an important character? That was another thing. He tried to hide and he did as best as he could but sometimes he was just too close to getting caught. 

One day, when he was running away from Baldassare’s men and tripped. He knew he would just be a body in a matter of seconds and as he felt a gelid hand touch his arm he felt chills run all over his spine knowing just knowing that the next sound he would hear was going to be the one of a bullet firing and passing through his brains. 

But it wasn’t.

A soft angelic voice spoke instead. “Are you alright, dear?” the angel asked. Well, it must’ve been one he thought. Maybe he was already dead. “Ooh that looks painful. Let’s get you cleaned up.” Then Andrew looked up and he saw a small figure, it was an old lady, and as she acknowledged the scrape on his leg he realized he was alive and that there were people after him. He quickly got up and pushed the woman inside an old building covering her mouth. After he saw the men run by without noticing him he let out a sigh in relief and looked at the old lady who was now trembling in fear. “It’s okay, I’m not going to hurt you.” he said releasing her. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience, I was just hiding from someone.” he apologized and headed to the door. “Wait-” the lady stopped him. “It can get pretty dangerous around these streets especially at night…why don’t you stay here, sweetie? I have a vacant in room 2A.” she said with a soft smile and Fletcher just couldn’t resist the temptation. A real bed. He hadn’t slept in one in four years. So he agreed. The woman cured his wound and fed him, giving him a place to stay until the gang left but when they did, he decided to stay permanently. Maybe Andrew’s education wasn’t all about values but one that was very important, especially in the mafia, was family. And the old lady quickly became his family, she took care of him bringing him food and he helped her out lifting heavy stuff, providing security for her and buying records in the store for her to have money. She’s the person he has the strongest relationship with in the apartment building he now calls home and probably the only one he really cares about. 

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