The Place Where I Live:


Last September 3rd 2014; I moved to the place I am living at now, a bungalow in the village, and in the street, I was born at North Avenue, Kenfig Hill

The advantage of having a bungalow. compared to the first floor flat I had at Heol Tegfryn, Pyle: is that the bungalow is designed for ground floor ease of living.

Weekly chores are so much easier e.g. shopping, garbage, recycling, washing etc., and most important of all I don't have a staircse at my most recent address.

Several months ago I moved to the bungalow because of the ill health I am suffering; my knees and ankles have some arthritis in the aforementioned joints.

I aml so looking forward to sorting out the garden: I would love some potted plants or to be more exact, potted herbs. Herbs are so usefull, culinary as well as medicinal, and make excellent seasoning as well.

As usual I look up at the sky - the heavens so blue not a cloud in sight and the sun is high on the horizon; such warmth is unusual in April, the temperature is more like high Summer. It is so pleasant to be able to step outside of my back door and have a nice lawned area to sit in.

Meadow flowers are some of my favourite flowers, in long elongated tubs and tier them. With the tallest flowers to the back and the smaller flowers arranged in the front row tubs.

Garden furniture with a large sun umbrella would be on top of my shopping list. The rear garden is important to me; I shall be designing it as an area to relax and take in the sights and scents of the flowers and herbs.

Althouogh fenced in on all four sides, I hope to paint some rural scenes on the four sides, of the wooden garden fences. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We must protect our green zones and gardens for now and the future.

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