Mr. Snowflake

Childrens Poetry



Mr. Snowflake, you don't have to freeze for my sake.

"I'm not" said Snowflake; but I'd love some Christmas cake.

Some mulled wine would be fine;

And hat, scarf and gloves would be divine.

"So you realy do feel the cold!"

"No" said Snowflake but I do want to look bold.

How I wish I were a warmer creature.

Is it true you come alive at night?

Now that is worth trying, will you take fright?

They do say you go flying too, through the air?

Whilst I'm doing that you must not stare.

If I make a wish, will it come true?

Possibly or maybe you'll turn hue.

Is there a Mrs. Snowflake somewhere?

She's at home doing her hair.

There "you've been so good to me", a kiss.

For I'm off indoors to watch a film, I don't want to miss

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What to do when it's snowing?