The Park

Childrens Poetry



Round,round the metal cup swirls.

Full of legs and arms at ease.

How many children to fit in the whirl?

Oh my! is it becoming a squeeze?



Swaying high and low moves the swings.

"Shall I do a twirl"?

"I bet you can't" - thats what I'm saying.

On completion of a twirl - Oh my! is my stomach in a curl!


See saw, so high; so suddenly low.

Sometimes with quite a bump!

Painted red and blue, cheerfull it is now.

And spring into the air and jump!


What climbing skills are necessitated?

But what a surprise to slide down!

Whoosh! we go; barley stopping, sometimes assisted.

"What a good go; on the climb and slide down.



Author's Notes/Comments: 



Children love parks and the play apparatus.

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